The World Of Rail

We cover the world of rail from modeling, to history and unique information about steam trains and rail tourism.

With time and the development of the web we find it necessary to shift from a static web page to a mobile friendly WordPresscontent management  system. And that is what you see in progress.

Over the years over almost 700 pages have been accumulated. Many of them are of historical value. Others contain currently useful information. Each of them must be reviewed, updated and put in WordPress format.

The most important and popular pages are being converted and placed in hierarchical order. Here are the major categories. The link at the head of each description will take you to the respective directory.

Railroads – Includes anything related to prototypes and support facilities.

For Modelers – A large section covering everything from how to to supplies and services.

Things To See And Places To Visit – A directory containing information about interesting places and events.

Model Exhibitions And Events – An archive of events interesting to the railroad enthusiast.

Current Events And Notices – A notice board designed to keep you updated about what will be happening.



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