DIY Static Grass Applicator

DIY Static Grass Applicator Kit

A DIY static grass applicator with full instructions on how to make your own from this kit.

The image at the right shows the kit. You have three static grass applicator kit

1) You get get some great ideas and download a .pdf file that shows how to make one of your own without the kit by going here.  Click here to download.

2) You can save time and build one from the kit described in this page.   Get the kit here.

3) Follow the instructions in this video.

The Parts Of A Static Grass Applicator

There are three parts to a static grass applicator – a power supply,  a connecting module that contains a static field generator with a grounding wire that goes to
your work surface and a grass container that is used to sprinkle the grass on your work surface.

This first picture shows 1) a strainer being used as the grass container,  2) a discarded – but good – appliance transformer with a 12vdc output and 3) the connecting module – the part that you make with this kit.

static grass applicator

Advantages Of This Arrangement

1) Easy to make

2) The grass container can take many forms and be used for
more than just laying grass.

3) The grass container can be small thus allowing you to get
into tight places.

4) It is easy to lay static grass in small patches in
localized places.

5) A 15kvdc unit really makes the grass stand up.

6) The grass container is easy to handle.

The Connecting Module Kit

The pictures here show the connecting module kit.

You get:

1) 12vdc input to -12 to 15kvdc output static field generator.

2) Alligator clip for negative ground wire.

3) Solderless terminals

4) On/Off switch

5) Banana clip connectors.

diy static grass applicator kit 2 diy static grass applicator kit 1 diy static grass applicator kit 3
diy static grass applicator kit 4 diy static grass applicator kit 5 .

You will have to supply the wires and a container to be used for the static grass itself. Other than that, the kit contains all the parts needed to complete the static field generator.

The static field is 12 – 15KVDC.

It is really simple to assemble.

All connections are solderless. So all you have to do is strip the wire, insert into the proper holes and crimp or screw down.

For the grass container, all you need is a plastic container of some sort, or a piece of poly pipe and a tea strainer, or a small glass bottle with a cover. All this is laid out in our video that shows you how to assemble this yourself and how to set up the grass

Download Instructions To Make Your Own DIY Static Grass Applicator

Download free instructions that show you step by step to easily build a static grass applicator. Click here to download.

Once you download it, open it with the free Adobe .pdf reader.  Save it to your computer and print it for easy use.

Save Time

Build one from the kit described in this page.   Get the kit here.


Watch The Video That Shows How To Make A DIY Static Grass Applicator using the kit.