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Categorized source materials from the basics to advanced. How To, Suppliers And Plans

carton model

Each of the links below takes you to a very focused large collection of information related to HO, 00 and TT’ scale modeling.

Each of these page is dynamic. We are continually updating the information. As it stands now, this collection is really a primary resource for someone just starting modeling and the experienced modeler as well.

How To – This covers all those detail items that we all want to either learn how to do or want to check our work against that of others.

Model Kits, Plans, Services And Suppliers – Many of these we found only by attending hobby shows.  And there is a great selection.;

Forums – Good places to get answers.  And great places to see some fine work displayed.  Some of them are in foreign languages, but that is no problem.  Just use google translate.

Model Clubs – If you know of a club, give us information so that we can add it here.

Models Of Note – A listing of models that are very well done, some of which can be considered works of art. This is a good place to get some ideas.

Live Auctions

If you know of anything else that might be of interest to or for modelers, please tell us using our contact form.

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