Best Static Grass

A supply of the best static grass for scale model scenery and dioramas.

best static grass

The static grass shown here is a favorite at many clubs in Europe. In fact that is how I found it. Whenever I went to a show or trade meet, I asked the people what grasses they used because it looked so nice.

Grass by this maker, a relatively small Czech company, came up as the favorite over and over again.

It is chosen because it looks real. The colors are matt. It does not have that shine of silicone that many grasses have. When you make a field or pasture, it looks real rather than like a shiny patch.

It flows well through the static grass applicator screens. So, if you have a shaker type static grass applicator, you don’t have grass flying all over the place. That cuts down on a lot of extra cleanup work and waste.

It responds very well to a static field. It is even easy to use with a flyswatter type static grass applicator, one of those applicators that causes so much frustration in trying to get the grass to stand up and look right. With a higher powered applicator, the results are amazing.

Is very easy to layer. You can do that without having to have special sprays and glue.

So if you want a good grass that a lot of good modelers how found to be a top choice, try some of this now.

You may purchase this static grass at PolandsBest Static Grass.

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