Homemade Static Grass Applicator

Homemade Static Grass Applicator

About making a quality but inexpensive homemade static grass
applicator that will perform the same as or better than commercial units.

Making a homemade static grass applicator can be rather simple. The degree of difficulty depends on how you plan ahead.

Many people will try making a static grass applicator from an electronic flyswatter.

homemade static grass applicatorAnd many of them will used electronic flyswatter are really quite disappointed. They are very low powered and don’t leave the grass very well.

A homemade static grass applicator is best made with an anion generator that has a minimum output of 15  KV DC. One made with such an anion generator can be a pleasure to work with.

Here is a link to information about an anion generator that has a 12vdc input with a 12kvdc to 15kvdc output.

And below is a video that shows you how to assemble a homemade static grass applicator using such a unit.

You can buy an anion generator by clicking here.

And you may buy a DIY static grass applicator kit by clicking here.

You may also download a complete guide to making your own homemade static
grass applicator.The download is a .pdf file that requires you to have the free Adobe reader on your computer.

Download the free instructions that show you step by step to easily build a static grass applicator. Click here to download.

Once the file opens, save it to your computer.  And then print is as you wish.