Narrow Gauge Steam Engine Ty5

Narrow Gauge Steam Engine TY5

Plans a pictures of the narrow gauge steam engine designated Ty5 with emphasis on Ty5-3242.

The engine 3242 served at Kolej Grojecka from XXXXX until XXXX. The pictures below show that engine as it was operating on that line.

TY5 TY5 image
TY5 narrow gauge TY5 parowoz

Locomotive / no fabr.2962 / built in Wroclaw company, “Linke-Hoffmann-Werke” in 1929 with the purpose to support industrial railways. In the years 1945-1955 locomotive was operated in Katowice Enterprise Building Materials. She then worked until 1973 in PKP Grójecka Commuter Rail from the initial designation Ty5-3303, and since 1961-Ty6-3286. Railway workers queue Grójec locomotive called the “Stork” and this name remained until the end of operation in 1973. The Railway Museum was passed in 1976. roku.Od 1995 is exposed in Sochaczew Narrow Gauge Railway Museum.