Chabowka Train Museum

About the outdoor train museum located in Chabowka, Poland.

Chabowka is located in Southern Poland.  Because it is located off the road to Zakopane, one can sometimes get involved in some very heavy traffic.

Regardless of traffic, a visit is well worth the time and effort.

It exhibits about 90 historical railway rolling stock  – Steam Locomotives, Diesel Motor Units, Heritage Diesel/Electric Locomotives, Carriages, freight cars, mail vans and special luggage vans

Engines that can be seen there include:  OKz32-2, 474.013, Ty42-107, TKt48-18, TKt48-191, Ty42-24, Pt47-65, Ol49-59, TKh05353.

Here is a link to the an information page published by the museum. Please note that an outdoor museum is called a Skansen.

The Chabówka Rolling-Stock Heritage Park “Skansen”


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