Narrow Gauge Diesel Engine Lxd2

Narrow Gauge Diesel Engine Lxd2

A very popular narrow gauge diesel engine, Lxd2, still in wide use at tourist spots around Poland.

The Lxd2 is a narrow gauge diesel hydraulic locomotive produced in Romania for the Polish State Railways (PKP). The Lxd2 is capable of working on rails from 740 mm to 1067 mm.


The picture at the right shows a picture of the Lxd2 from the Sochaczew Narrow Gauge Train Museum. You can get a collector’s mug with an image of the Lxd2 on it. Information about that can be found by clicking here. Railroad Mugs



engine Lxd2 mug left viewengine Lxd2 mug front viewengine Lxd2 mug right view

The Romainian factory Faur, located in Bucharest, began producing the Lxd2 in 1964. 166 locomotives were built between 1964 and 1987.

In 1968, Poland began adding the Lxd2 on the Upper Sileasian Railway to replace narrow gauge locomotives series TW 47 and TW 53.

The Lxd2 is popular at the remaining narrow gauge rail services because of its ease of operation. These tourist lines prefer to run either an Lyd2, or Lxd2, even though a steam locomotive may be more attractive to tourists.

A steam locomotive requires hours of preparation time to get the boiler to temperature. That warm-up must be done by a licensed engineer. Likewise, it takes hours to cool the boiler down. The cooling process must be supervised by a licensed engineer. That is an expensive process.

Operating an Lxd2 to is a simple matter of flipping a few switches. It is a diesel driven engine using a hydrodynamic torque converter with 24 transducers. One operates at startup and low speeds and the other at higher speeds. There are two trucks.

Even though these locomotives have a reputation for a high consumption of fuel, they are much more efficient than steam locomotives.

These locomotives can be seen in many of the train museums and at the operating tourists lines in Poland.. Information about both can be found in this site.

Images Of The LxD2 Operating in Poland

diesel engine lxd2lxd2diesel engine lxd2


You find this engine in places such as the Narrow Guage Railroad in Piaseczno, Poland and Sochaczew, Poland.


Plans To Build Lxd2

You get plans to model this Polish narrow gauge diesel engine Lxd2

Here are pictures of a replica model that you can build.

diesel engine lxd2diesel engine lxd2diesel engine lxd2
diesel engine lxd2diesel engine lxd2.


You get a book of plans and information, including specifications, about the engine.

The plans offer modelers and collectors the opportunity to build a highly detailed, museum quality, replica of the original locomotive. The model can be made using 1 mm card stock, styrene, or brass. The basic instructions in the book focus on card stock construction. Just substitute the material of your choice.

The resulting model is a highly detailed 1 to 25 scale replica of the original engine.

You can see a video review of this book with all the details at this link. Video being updated.

Here are images of some of the pages in the book. They show the visual instructions, text information and instructions plus some of the pages with cutouts.

Do watch the video for complete information.

diesel engine lxd2diesel engine lxd2diesel engine lxd2
diesel engine lxd2diesel engine lxd2diesel engine lxd2


Plan Book Details

Title Of Book – Rumunska Lokomotywa Waskotorowa z 1964 Roku

Number/size of the sheets with parts to cut out: 9 x A3
Number/size of the sheets with instruction drawings: 1 x A3

Difficulty level of the model in 1-5 scale: 4
(from 1-very simple to 5-very complicated)
Computer drawings
Scale 1:25
Length of the model: 410 mmÂ

Authors: Piotr & Tomasz KoperÂ

You may purchase these plans at Lxd2




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