Narrow Gauge Railroad Bieszczady Majdan

About the narrow gauge tourist railway at Majden, Poland in the Bieszczady mountains.

Many people buying tickets will be caught by the atmospheric, historic building of the railway station, small, przesympatyczna wagons, and above all passing through the forest through places that look like they are at the end of the world, where the only sign of civilization are the tracks on which the train moves.

This video shows some of what you see on the train ride.

Two engine types are used.  The diesel LYD2 and a KP4 steam engine. Information about each can be found at under the links.

Because of the amount of work to heat and subsequently cool a steam engine boiler, as compare to flicking a switch on a LYD2, the steam engine is used only on special occasions.

Information about the KP4 is at this link.  KP4

Information about the LYD2 is at this link. LYD2

There are train rides available spring, summer and fall and occasionally during the winter months.

Extremely popular are the fall season trips when the trees are in full color.

Here is a link to the schedule. It is in Polish.  Open it with Google Chrome and it will be automatically translated. Schedule

Here is a map that shows the location and provides reviews.

Here is a direct link to their website.



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