Arduino Thunder And Lightning Delayed Thunder

How to add thunder and lightning to your diorama or model railroad scenery.

For now relevant information is included here as we gather complete information.


Materials Required

Arduino Pro Mini – the Arduino Uno will work, too.
DF-Player (must be labeled DF Player – there are many similar units that will not work)
micro SD card – 1 gig is plenty
7805 voltage regulator
heat sink for regulator
IRL520 Mosfet
10 uf / 25 volt tantalum capacitor (anything from 1 to 10 uf will work)
470 uf / 25 volt electrolytic capacitor (anything from 220 – 1000 uf will work)
8 ohm speaker (junk box or old computer speakers -If you use a 4 ohm speaker R5 is needed – see schematic)
1 or more LED spotlight bulbs – the ones I used have six LEDs in each bulb and are VERY bright!
sockets for the LED bulbs
pushbutton “start” switch (any momentary SPST switch will work)
female 2.54mm header (to cut up for the Arduino and DFPlayer sockets)
miscellaneous connectors, wire, etc
10 K resistor (1)
1 K resistor (3)
12 volt 2 amp power supply
Circuit board for prototype construction (approx 2″ x3″)

For your convenience you can get all these parts in one package at Electronics.

The Sketch

For your convenience the sketch is kept on Pastebin.  There you can review it and then download it in the proper ASCII format.  Go Here.





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