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Arduino Nano

How to use the Arduino Nano.

Using an Arduino Nano in your layout or diorama will save you money and occupy less room under it.

The Nano is especially useful with the Arduino Fire Effect.

The Nano usually comes with pins that you have to solder in place. And then for convenient wiring, it is often attached to a shield. But using that shield offsets some of the savings on the board.

PWM pins on the Nano are ~3, ~5, ~6, ~9, ~10 and ~11.

Arduino board wiring connector
Arduino board wiring connector

You can avoid the cost of the shield and eliminate one soldering task by soldering connectors directly to the Nano. To the left is an excellent connector to use.

You can get Arduino Nanos with connectors at the Home And Hobby Shop.





To program the Nano you need a micro USB.

The Nano does not have a power connectors like those on the Uno.  So you have to wire to the Vin pin.


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