Arduino How To Control DC Motors

A collection of tutorials that show you how to control  DC motors using an Arduino Micro Controller.

How the motors are controlled is hardware dependent.

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 Control a DC motor with a L298N. –

How to connect your “L298N Dual H-Bridge Motor Controller” to “Arduino Uno” –

Controllin DC Motors Part 1

Code explanation of l293d motor driver Arduino tutorial

How to get started with L293D motor shield

Understanding How to Control DC Motors in Projects – Detailed and simple

Controlling DC Motor Speed and Direction with push-buttons –  A follow on to the tutorial above.

IR Controlled DC Motor using Arduino– – Shows how to control a motor with a relay and IR detector.

The code to do this is just below.

) Rotate DC motor forward and reverse at set speed (withspeed control)


/*this program will rotate DC motor forward for 5 sec

at 40%speed then stop for 2 sec and again rotate motor reverse for

5 sec at 80% speed continuously



DC_Motor motor2(9, 10, 1);




void loop()
















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