How To Program An Arduino Nano

Step by step guide to using and programing an Arduino Nano.

The boards that you can buy using different chips so included in this page are tips, hints and procedures that enable you to program an Arduino Nano.

Clone Nano boards often use different chips.  And programing is chip dependent.

Check the board specifications provided by your manufacturer.

In any case, generally, you program the same way that you program any other commonly used Arduino boards such a Mega or Uno.

If  your board has a CH340 chip, you will have to install the CH340 chip driver on your computer.

Here is one place to get the driver.

Download the driver.  It will be a .zip file.

Unzip the file and install the driver.

After installation, when you upload a sketch to a Nano with the CH340 chip, the IDE will automatically use that driver.

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