Bemo Hoe Lxd2

A review of the Bemo HOe Scale Lxd2 model narrow gauge railroad engine. This review shows an operating model disassembled to install a decoder.

For more information about model kits and how to make them, contact us for everything that you need.

lxd2 picturelxd2 picture 2lxd2 picture 3
lxd2 picture 4lxd2 picture 5lxd2 picture 6
lxd2 picture 7lxd2 picture 8lxd2 picture 9
lxd2 picture 10lxd2 picture 11lxd2 picture 12
lxd2 picture 13lxd2 picture 14lxd2 picture 15
lxd2 picture 16lxd2 picture 17lxd2 picture 18
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