Brass Models

A collection of videos that show the construction of heirloom quality brass models.

Some show just the finished product with three showing details of how the models were made.

The YouTube Channel – This is the basic channel.  Below are listed the individual videos that are in the channel.

Scratch Building a Brass HO Scale Railroad Model – 50-Ton Fairbanks Morse Coaling Station –  detailed instructions. most informative for scratch builder

Sante Fe Sand Tower – specific instructions including how to make a jig.  How to make rivets using wire.  How to make ladder rungs from c channel.

50-Ton Fairbanks Morse Coaling Station – jig for making beaker bars. how to make gussets. how to make a coal chute,   Ladder jig.

Scratch Built O Scale Brass Model Fairfield Railroad Engine Coaler

Scratch Built Brass HO Scale Model Engine Wash

HO Scale Brass Model Vista Dome Passenger Car Wash

HO Scale Model, Sandhouse Under Construction

HO Scale Model Coaling Tower, Brass and Wood Construction

HO Scale Brass Model, Engine Service Rack

HO Scale Brass Model, Robertson Cinder Conveyor


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