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How To Make Scale Model Gutters

How to make scale model gutters.

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The image to the left are some Ho scale gutters, weathered and ready to mount on a building. Click on it to see a video that shows how to make them.





You will require a tool to shape the gutters. The link to the left shows the form of a tool that we use and how to make one. You can make one using a wood block and coffee sticks.





Measure the circumference of your gutter and cut out a piece of brass to width and length. For HO scale gutters we use a width of .45 cm.

Scribe down the center of the gutter.

Clean the surface thoroughly so that you can later use solder on it.

Fold it over a thin piece of metal, wood or plastic.  The fold need not be sharp.

Insert the brass into the tool.

Use a round chopstick sized to the distance between the gutter shaping tool.  Press the brass into the mold.

Tap thin copper wire flat.  This will be bent around the gutter and soldered in place.

Form downspouts out of copper or brass wire.

Once again use flattered copper wire to make fasteners and joints.

Once the gutters are shaped, use the forming tool to make hangers. The long tabs will be bent so that you can hang the gutter on the wall.  In some cases,  you may glue the hanger to the bottom of the roof.

Paint the the gutters.


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