Browar Herman Jung

About the brewery in Warsaw, Browar Herman Jung.

Herman Jung (1818-1890) was born in Silesia, in 1840 he moved to Warsaw. He brewed beer here. In 1854 he bought the small brewery of Jan Bogumił Kazimirus in Wola, existing since 1824. The plant was expanded by him and took over the area enclosed by Grzybowska, Waliców, Pereca and Żelazna Streets. After some time, Jung, apart from the brewery mentioned above, also had plants at Pl. Trzech Krzyży, at Ogrodowa Street and at Chłodna Street, operating under the company “Herman Jung” Beer Stock Society. The company was one of the largest beer producers in the Kingdom of Poland. The company’s activity was interrupted by Jung’s death in 1890. Since then, the buildings of the brewery in Wola were used by various institutions and plants.

The brewery’s buildings were built of brick, leaving plastered facades. In the 19th century they were modern industrial facilities. After Jung’s death, the buildings used by the changing owners declined. During the occupation they were part of the wall surrounding the ghetto.

Since the 1990s, the area of ​​Jung’s brewery belongs to the State Mint. Most of its buildings were demolished, erecting a modern “Aurum” office building in its place. The architecture of the brewery’s administrative building and the wall from Waliców Street are included in its architecture. Although the solution may be controversial, for me it is an interesting combination of the past and the present. The State Mint in “Aurum” runs the Numismatic Cabinet.

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