PKP Cargo Tour

A picture gallery showing a tour of the PKP Cargo facility at Odolany, Warsaw.  August 2020.

This tour was arranged by Mr. Marian Jureczko accompanied by Mr. Tadeusz Dabrowski .

Mr. Dabrowski was the Director of Communications for PKP during the time the steam locomotive service area was servicing steam locomotives.

Mr. Jureczko was the manager of the PKP Odolany locomotive service and repair facility.The tour was conducted by the current PKP service and repair facility.  The facility no longer includes the Odolany coal tower and surrounding area.  That area has been transferred to PKP Real Estate and with the transfer went the entire service and repair facility archive.

PKP Real Estate intends to have the area developed for residential use.

The tour was for the benefit of Gary Granai and his wife Katarzyna Swiatek. Ms Swiatek acted as translator. Their intent is to gather as much information about the tower service area  to 1. create an organized historical record and 2. build a large diorama, or rather operating model railroad layout, duplicating the area as closely as possible.  The equipment will be built in brass.

The first image in the gallery shows the PKP Cargo facility in its current form.  All those sheds were used to maintain and store local steam locomotives which numbered 120.  250 people were employed there at that time.

Now it they are used to maintain electric engines. About 15 people are employed.

To the left of the shed are administrative buildings and employee housing.  Overnight facilities were also provided for visiting train crews..

There was no water tower.  Water was provided by a now demolished pump house.

The participants visited every shed in the picture and historical as well as current information about that shed’s function was provided.

We intended to visit the tower itself but simple access has been cut off by a sand and concrete company.  We could have reached the tower by walking about 400 along track but since three of us are in our late 70’s and one early 80’s, it was considered too much to do after the long tour.

We drove to where the roundhouse had been.  40 Polish trainmen were hanged there during WW2.

There was nothing but bushes.  We will return in the winter after the leaves are down to see what is left.

Two of us did visit the tower.  See  Odolany 2020

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