How To Make Scale Model Door Handles

How to make scale model door handles.

Pictures and videos in process of being added.

The link to the left takes you to a video that shows you the process of making door handles.

To make a door handle, start by stripping a piece of thin wire.

Cut to a so that there is a tail long enough for you to hold the formed handle.

Fold the wire around a forming tool sized for your handle.

Tap it to shape using the shaping tool you find under the link to the left.







This is what you have now.  You will trim it later.







From .1 mm brass drill a hole into which you will insert the tail of the formed handle. Trim the brass to size.

Place the brass backing plate on your door and use the hole as a guide to drill a hole into our door.

Paint the handle

Pass the tail through the hole in the backing plate and then through the door. Trim the short leg to size.

Glue in place. Glue under the backing plate and the tail that comes out the back side of the door. Be sure your handle is properly lined up.

Let dry until the glue is definitely solid.  Then trim the long tail from the back side of the door.



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