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How To Weather Ho Scale Models

A simple and effective way to weather cardstock models using pastels.


YouTube video

This video takes you through weathering a card stock brick wall using soft pastel chalks and a cotton glove as the weathering tool.

Unlike the procedures that use powdered chalks and brushes, this weathering technique is very beneficial to the beginner because it takes a conservative approach to adding the chalks – slowly and easily.

The use of a commercial brick texture is demonstrated so that you understand the importance of using a pattern when weathering.

Weathering is more than haphazardly adding colors with the intent of creating variety on the model surface. It is a form of artwork. It is artwork in pastels.

Paper models – that is paper walls, paper buildings and accessories – which are made from cardstock, cereal boxes or thick card, are delicate but very responsive to the application of pastel colors. Chalk, available from your local art store, is our preferred medium.

This video emphasizes ho scale railroad models, but it is applicable to any cardstock model.

There are more how to videos below. We add them quite often so do come back once in a while for an update.

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