How To Make Model Railroad Level Crossing Lights

How to make Model Railroad crossing lights.

A step by step tutorial with an image gallery that you can use for reference.

But first some important information.

This is the light that I will make.  There are many more styles.  Check the what type lights were used in the region covered by your layout and era.

This is an image of the prototype.  The light container measures, in real life, 60 cm diameter with a 30 cm light. I am uncomfortable with those dimensions.  So I cut the container to 50 cm diameter.

I punch .2 mm brass circles using my DIY punch. You can use a small washer (also called a shim). I drill my punched brass circles to fit a 3mm LED.

Connect the light containers with a piece of 1 mm, or so, brass tube.

File a notch in the center of the tube.

Solder this tube to light containers.

I use Christmas light LEDs.  I round the edges with a rotary tool tipped with a small sander. Cut the LEDs out of a multicolored light set or buy sets of red only.

The LEDs are cut out of their mountings and soldered to fine magnet wire. Cover the connections with resin.  It is an excellent insulator.

Insert shrink tube into the hole.  You may have to trim it to get it to fit.

Trim the shrink tube to make a shade.

Make a pole out of    mm brass tube.

File a notch below where you are going to solder the cross piece.

Solder the light container cross piece to the pole.

String the wire through the cross piece and pole.

Add resistors below tube.



Crossing Light Image Gallery


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