Small Station Diorama

A video and text description of a small diorama that is work in progress.

This diorama measures  42 cm  by 71 cm .  It is in Hom scale and is meant to be a display case for a collector’s HOm engine and cars that are handmade.

The landscape substrate is foam insulation board.

Pine strips surround the base in order to give it strength and stability.

1.5 mm card acts as a border.  It will  be covered with mdf strips that will support and acrylic case,

All buildings are made from card.  Building plans can be found at  Carton Built Models.

lighting is provided by Christmas light and prewired smd leds.  Here is a link to a tutorial page showing you how to wire them.  LED Lights For Models.

And here is link to a page that shows how to make the lights. Make Inexpensive Street Lamps

The water column is handmade.  Here is a link to plans and a tutorial. Water Columns


small station diorama
Click to watch diorama updage


Click on the image to watch an update as of August, 2020.


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