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Wooden Multi Family Scratchbuilt Carton Model

About scratch building a scale model in wood.

This model is made from card and vegetable crate wood.


This next group of images show that same building placed in a diorama which diorama is awaiting final landscaping.

wood country house wood country house 2 wood country house 3
wood country house 4 wood country house 5 wood country house 6
wood country house 7 wood country house 8 wood country house 9
wood country house 10 wood country house 11 wood country house 12

The roof is made from card. Long strips of textured roofing were hand scored and cut into individual shingles and pasted on a card roof one at a time. The process was time-consuming but the effect is wonderful.

The wood used was first aged using the process that you see in this

YouTube video

It then was glue to a piece of one and a half millimeter card on which was pasted a copy of the plan.

I made the plan using the free program Sketchup and copied as faithfully as I could from pictures of a similar house that was displayed on the Internet.

This image explains what I have just said.

printed plan

Once all the walls were assembled and fitted, the final coloring was done with pastel chalks.

You can avoid the necessity of drawing your own plan by using a third-party plan such as the one shown in this image.

wood house brown

Note that the lines for the wood planks are shown. All that you have to do is print out the plan, paste it on card, and overlay the printed plan with your wood.

Here is a link to where you can get this plan and others are very good price. Carton models.




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