The DCC Guide

This guide is for anyone interested in or now using DCC.  It is a complete guide from planning, through setup, operations and trouble shooting.

Here are some highlights.

All the DCC basics are clearly and simply explained – from How DCC Works, The Functions Of Decoders, What Are Boosters And What Do They Do, Wiring Bus Requirements, to Time Voltage Pulses And Their Application, plus much more.

It covers everything you need to know about wiring from the ground up. It includes easy to follow wiring diagrams, wiring reversing loops, how to program decoders, turnout control, free DCC control software and where to get it, controlling trains with a computer and more.

Questions such as these are answered with how to instructions:

  • What are the different power districts on a DCC system?
  • How can DCC and DC trains operate at the same time on the same track?
  • How much power is needed to run a DCC system?
  • Should points be modified? How?
  • What type wiring is needed on a DCC layout?
  • How should a DCC layout be wired?
  • How can a DCC layout be operated using a computer?
  • What free systems are available for DCC control?
  • What is the proper way to solder bus wires to the track?
  • How does one deal with reversing loops?
  • Must trains be upgraded to run on a DCC layout?
  • And many more.

And it shows you how to avoid costly mistakes setting up your system like, for one, shorting out that DCC controller that you saved up months for.

Once you are up and running, you will run into other problems. That ALWAYS happens. The DCC guide gives you the solutions to most.

This is just  a summary.

Read complete  DCC Guide  information by clicking here. 





Layout Control Library

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