DCC Base Station

How to easily make a low cost DCC base station.

This is the first part of a series showing how to use DCC to control your trains either from your computer or your phone. The series is focused on using the DCC-EX throttle on your computer and the Engine Driver throttle on your phone configured to operate independent of the internet.

Following these steps will allow you to install DCC without knowing anything about DCC or programming.

There are two parts to the installation. One is to set up the hardware and the second is to program the hardware.

As for the method of controlling your trains, you have two options.  The first is to control your trains only from your computer only, or to control both from your computer and your phone.  There is very little difference in hardware cost so we recommend you choose the second option.

You can the hardware for each control method here.  PolandsBest Electronics

We will start with assembling the hardware.

DCC Base Station
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You can read the text below or watch this done on vide0. The video is here. DCC Base Station






Assuming you use the recommended motor shield, you must eliminate the voltage connection between the Arduino Mega and the motor shield.  Do this either by cutting the Vin pin or cut the connection between the Vin tabs on the back of the motor shield.



After making the separation, confirm your work successful with a voltmeter.






Now it is a simple matter of assembling the boards. The pin alignment.





At this point, as far as hardware goes, you can control your trains from your computer

Once you have your base station assembled, the tutorials below will take you step by step through everything that you have to do. Below is the list. Images to the left link to supporting videos.

How To Install DCC++ Tutorial Library

The tutorials below will take you step by step through everything that you have to do. Below is the list. Images to the left link to supporting videos.

DCC++ Base Station Assembly
Click To Learn How To Assemble Base Station

DCC Base Station – How to make the Base Station more often referred to the Command Station (CS).







DCC** WiFi
Click To Watch Video On How To Install WiFi

DCC WiFi Control –  How to install Wifi for control from your phone or other remote device.






DCC Wiring
Click To Watch Video Demonstration Of Wiring

DCC Power And Wiring – A necessary step.






Automatic Installation of DCC
Click To Watch Automatic Installation

DCC Software Automatic  Installation –  How to use a simple installer (very easy and fast)





Install DCC++ Base Station
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DCC Software Installation Using Arduino IDE – For those who prefer to use the IDE.






DCC-EX Web Throttle
Click To Watch How To Use Throttlee

DCC Ex Throttle – Control trains from your computer.






Engine Driver Throttle
Click To Watch How To Use Engine Driver Throttle

Engine Driver Throttle – Control from a phone.







All the information in the tutorials above have been condensed from the work done by a group of volunteers who are continuing to make this system more fantastic than it is already.  Their work can be found her. DCC-Ex







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