DCC WIFI Control

How to control your DCC  enabled trains from your phone.

This tutorial focuses on using the Engine Driver throttle on your phone in AP mode which allows you to control your trains independent of a connection to the internet.   You will connect directly between the phone and the CS. Doing this allows  you to operate your train anywhere.

There are many other things you can do using  this system including using JMRI. This link takes you to complete information. Click Here.

We will configure the system in AP mode.  That way you are independent of a WiFi system.

We start this tutorial with the assumption that you have the DCC++ command station (CS) as shown in our page DCC Base Station.

Remove the two jumpers on an the that are across the TX and RX pin rows.

Add the wifi shield to the motor shield.  Note the pin arrangement.

Add jumpers.  Connect to any point on TX on the wifi shield  to RX1 pin 19 on the Mega  and and any point on RX on the wifi shield to TX1 pin 18 on the Mega.

That sets up the hardware.

Now we have to set up your phone.

You have to add the Engine Driver ap to your phone. Get the Engine Drive ap at this link. Engine Driver

To use Engine Driver on your phone in AP mode, you must check that your phone is set up for Engine Driver.

I recommend that you set this up on an old phone so as to keep it separate from your phone calls and web browsing.

If you use it on your regular phone, you will have to take an additional step.

If you normally have your phone automatically connect to your home router then you need to turn off the automatic connection ( very inconvenient I know) otherwise it will arbitrarily disconnect the AP and connect to your home router because it thinks it’s a better connection.

You will need the password, IP address and port in order to use Engine Driver on your phone.

To do that, connect your CS to your computer. Open the Arduino IDE and click over to Tools, Serial Monitor.

You will see something like this. Those items in the red boxes on  the image are important.  Find the equivalent (they won’t be in red boxes) and write them down.

Copy the data that you need.

Note however that there are some default settings . PASS_975f3f   PORT=2560

You can now run your trains using the web throttle or you phone. How to do that is covered in the videos below.

The tutorials below will take you step by step through everything that you have to do. Below is the list. Images to the left link to supporting videos.

How To Install DCC++ Tutorial Library

The tutorials below will take you step by step through everything that you have to do. Below is the list. Images to the left link to supporting videos.

DCC++ Base Station Assembly
Click To Learn How To Assemble Base Station

DCC Base Station – How to make the Base Station more often referred to the Command Station (CS).







DCC** WiFi
Click To Watch Video On How To Install WiFi

DCC WiFi Control –  How to install Wifi for control from your phone or other remote device.






DCC Wiring
Click To Watch Video Demonstration Of Wiring

DCC Power And Wiring – A necessary step.






Automatic Installation of DCC
Click To Watch Automatic Installation

DCC Software Automatic  Installation –  How to use a simple installer (very easy and fast)







Install DCC++ Base Station
Click to Watch Video

DCC Software Installation Using Arduino IDE – For those who prefer to use the IDE.






DCC-EX Web Throttle
Click To Watch How To Use Throttlee

DCC Ex Throttle – Control trains from your computer.






Engine Driver Throttle
Click To Watch How To Use Engine Driver Throttle

Engine Driver Throttle – Control from a phone.







All the information in the tutorials above have been condensed from the work done by a group of volunteers who are continuing to make this system more fantastic than it is already.  Their work can be found her. DCC-Ex


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