There is no getting around it, DCC is complex.

DCC Help
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You will need sound information to get started right and avoid burning up expensive equipment – like that controller you saved months to buy.

This guide gives you what you need. DCC is clearly and simply explained:

  • From how DCC Works to types of contollers
  • Power districts
  • Boosters
  • Turnout control and wiring
  • Short protection
  • Control from your iphone
  • Computer control
  • Installation of free control systems
  • Converting dc to dcc (layout and locomotives)
  • Properly wiring a new layout
  • Running DC and DCC locomotives on the same layout
  • Programing decoders
  • Automatic control
  • And then trouble shooting this high tech system.
  • Plus answers to important common questions
  • and much, much more.


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