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How To Play DFPlayer Mini Audio On Bluetooth Speaker

This setup allows you to play music from a DFPlayer Mini and transmit it wirelessly to the remote Bluetooth speaker using the Bluetooth module as a transmitter.

You may have a display located in an area where there is a high background noise level. And you might want to present a voice advertisement for something that you are selling. A remote Bluetooth speaker will overcome the background noise as well as giving you the ability to locate the audio exactly where you want it.

To send music from a DFPlayer Mini module to a remote Bluetooth speaker, you’ll need to connect the DFPlayer Mini to a Bluetooth module (transmitter) that can transmit the audio wirelessly to the remote speaker (receiver). Here’s a detailed guide on how to make the connections:

Materials Needed

  • DFPlayer Mini module
  • Bluetooth module (Transmitter)
  • Remote Bluetooth speaker (Receiver)
  • Audio source (e.g., microSD card with music files)
  • Jumper wires


This procedure covers connecting a Bluetooth speaker to a DFPlayer mini module circuit board like the one that you see at the left. It is prewired and all that you really have to do is connect the Bluetooth module to the player’s TX and RX pins, which connection points are clearly labeled on the circuit board.

You can get that circuit board here. MMM

Connect Bluetooth Module

  • Connect the TX pin of the Bluetooth module to the RX pin of the player circuit board.
  • Connect the RX pin of the Bluetooth module to the TX pin of the player board.
  • Connect the VCC pin of the Bluetooth module to a 3.3V or 5V power source (based on the module’s voltage requirements).
  • Connect the GND pin of the Bluetooth module to the ground (GND) of your power source.
  • NOTE If you use a 5v module, you can make the connection to the circuit board’s +5v an – screw terminals.

Pair Bluetooth Module with Speaker:

  • Put the Bluetooth module into pairing mode (refer to the module’s manual).
  • Pair the Bluetooth module with your remote Bluetooth speaker (refer to the speaker’s manual).

Test Audio Transmission

  • Power up the DFPlayer Mini and play music from the microSD card.
  • The DFPlayer Mini will send audio data to the Bluetooth module, which will transmit it wirelessly to the remote speaker.

Connect Remote Bluetooth Speaker:

  • Ensure the remote Bluetooth speaker is powered and in pairing mode.
  • The Bluetooth module will transmit the audio signal to the speaker wirelessly.



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