Terminal Goods Shed Diorama Lighting

A full description of and how to make an animated light HO Scale goods shed diorama.

The building is an HO scale paper model.  It is a freelance rendition of an actual goods shed located in Znin, Poland. A video about Znin and the narrow gauge railroad there is linked below.  And below you can also get a copy of the plan as well as instructions on how to make it and this diorama.

The image to the below will take you to a video showing this animated diorama going through its daily cycle.

Diorama Lighting

Click on the image to see how it works.




A ws2812b pixel strip provides the sunrise to sunrise lighting.  Note that the pixel strip should be mounted at the top front of the diorama with the leds facing away from the viewer and towards the buildings. That is actually in line with the recommended way to light a model railroad shelf layout.

The street and trackside lights fade on and off.  To do this they must be connected to pwm pins.  On  Arduino nanos and unos there are only four such pins.  If you wish to fade more lights, you can do at least to things.

As long as you are VERY careful about the current each light draws and the total current you put on the board, you can add multiple lights to one pin.

Alternatively, you can use a PWM multiplier chip.  That is covered in the information Arduino Fade Lights – Sketch and How to make control board

The building interior lights vary in their display.  One remains on 24/7 and the remaining lights turn on and off randomly. The exterior security lights cycle on and off randomly.

The sketch and wiring diagram are at Goods Shed Diorama Lighting

The track, street and security light bulbs were made by dipping prewired smd leds into acrylic glue and then finger molding . How To Make And Use Acrylic Glue

How the light poles were made is at how to build inexpensive street lights 

The ground cover and scenery is covered in scenery techniques 

Likewise how to make the fencing, which is not visible, is here  

The roof is 200 grit emery paper.

This is how the gutters were made

Wiring Diagram

Diorama Wiring Diagram



Daily Cycle Lighting Controller – Sketch and How to make control board


Constant And Random Lights– Sketch and How to make control board


Pixel LED Controller  –  How To Make Control Board and Program Light Patterns


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