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How To Make A Diorama Cover

A fast and easy way to make a diorama cover from thin acrylic.


How To Make A Diorama Cover

  1. Measure and cut mm acrylic to diorama size for diorama base.
  2. Attach corners using medium gel CA glue.
  3. Attach corner molding on corners and top using CA glue.
  4. Cut acrylic for removable top.
  5. Attach corner molding to top.


This image shows a diorama covered using this process. You can get plans for the building in this diorama at yyyyy


Cut Acrylic
Click to learn how to cut acrylic

The video on the left shows how to easily cut the acrylic.






This image shows a diorama in need of a cover.

You can see videos of how we added the the ground cover, grass and bushes by clicking on the link.

We first texture the diorama base.

Then cut and glue the sides.

Add the corner and top molding.

Cut and fit the top.

Add the corner molding to the top.




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