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How To Animate Diorama Lighting

An example of a customizable diorama lighting program

A terminal goods shed is used as an example. This example includes video, wiring diagram and 3 Arduino sketches

Amend each of these sketches to suit your needs.  If you have questions or need help, contact us using the info at the bottom of the page.

This Video Shows The ResultDiorama Lighting

Click on the image to see how it works.





This diorama is made up of two sections.  The first is the goods shed area itself and the second the low relief back buildings that are added on behind the goods shed area.

This page covers the the goods shed area.

Wiring Diagram

Diorama Wiring DiagramThis is the basic wiring diagram used.

At the present time the thunderstorm has not been added. It is work in progress.




There are two standard multi-functional control boards that control the lights.

One Fades the lights and the other controls the shed interior and security lights.  Two boards were used because of the requirements that the fading lights be on pwm pins.  Using one board would have prevented fading and random lighting.  So fade was separated from random.


Because including all the sketches related to this project would make this page unwieldy,  they are hosted on Pastebin. You can conveniently review and download them from that location.

Sketch For The Street Light Fader

Sketch For The Random Lights

Daily Cycle Controller

The Fader and Random sketches are controlled  by a master sketch that toggles them on and off according to a simulated 24 hour time schedule. The time can be adjusted so you can control how long your diorama goes through the 24 hour cycle.

That same Daily Cycle Controller controls a ws2812b LED strip that changes overhead lighting.  The changing lighting simulates sunlight conditions over the daily cycle.

The Sketch is also on Pastebin.

Plans to build the goods shed building are available here.

Parts to make a Daily Cycle Controller and multi-function LED control board are here.

Questions, Comments, Help

If you have questions, would like to make some recommendation or comment, or need help with your own diorama, contact us via Facebook messenger by using the button that you see in the lower right hand corner of this screen or contact us by email here.

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