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How To Build A Christmas Village

Instructions for making a Mini Christmas Village.

What follows are instructions on how to build a mini Christmas village like the one shown in this video.

Because pictures are extremely important for understanding, a video showing an actual build is also included in this page. Print this page and read it while watching the video.

This is the Christmas village diorama that we will build. You can build it as shown or use your own creativity to make your own. This version is unlighted.

Here is a link to a page that gives you instructions about lighting your diorama.

Here is a video that presents supplemental information to the information provided by the text in this page. If you haven’t done so already, watch the video to get an overview and then read the text below.

To start, layout your materials in an area large enough where you can work without being too crowded.

Your materials include houses inhabited the constructed using the plans that are included with this kit. If you have not purchased a kit you can buy the plans at this link.

Always keep a copy of the plans. If you have received the plaintiff plans copy them and save them for future use. If you have received the plans in PDF format, be sure to keep a copy of that PDF file. In that way you can always feel more the house.

Here are links to the various plant instructions. Go to each of them and follow the instructions to build each of the buildings. In those plans are links to where you can purchase the plans if you do not have them.

Plan 2

Plan 6

Plan 9

Plan 14

Plan 20

When making your buildings, decide whether you are going to make a lighted diorama or not. If you are going to make a lighted diorama, use a razor blade, scalpel, or hobby night to cut out the windows. In the window openings insert the clear film windows in the openings.

Once you have the buildings constructed, we can move forward.

So let’s start with the buildings, the trees, the diorama base, and some toothpicks.

If you are going to add fences such as those shown in the opening part of this video, you must make them. Because of shipping and customs restrictions, we cannot supply any wood products. You can make the fences out of toothpicks, balsa wood, veneer, through credits or whatever. Instructions on how to make them are here.

Start by putting things where you want them. Mark out where you will have a fence so that you can add the trees with enough room between the trees and the fence. Also place your buildings where you want them. Arrange them as you wish.

Dig holes for your trees and place them where you want them. Don’t worry about being too exact. Once you get everything in place, look at it and move things around. Any holes or cuts will be covered with snow anyway once we move on.

Your trees will have long trunks. Trim them to fit to the base as you wish.


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