Servo Motors And Control

This page contains information related to using servo motors in a model train layout.

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Turnouts And Servos With Arduino

How To Mechanics Facebook Page

Arduino Applications Community Forum

Tom’s Trains PC9685 extension board – shows how to hook up board.

TomsTrains video on servos for switch machines.

Tom’s Trains  Turnout Control With Arduino And Servos Using A PCA9685– Use this for switch machines.

Turnout Control With Arduino And Servo – N Scaler on 1 Turnout

Multiple Turnouts And Multitasking –  N Scaler

SMA12 – 17 Channel Configurable Multifunction $5 DCC Decoder For Servos – How To Build A Decoder

Running A Small Layout With Uno – N Scaler

Using Shift Registers – Shows how to wire with code examples.  By Arduino.

N Scaler Mounting Switch Machines. – How to mount machine to layout.

Servo Motors Control In General

Circuit Digest – Single servo with button.

Cambridge Electronics – A series of videos on electronics for a model railroad.

Control A Servo Motor With Arduino – Mechatronics in depth information on arduino and servos.

How To Make A Servo Motor Controller – A google search result with a lot of good links.

Muli Points Servo Controller – Excellent video with system that does a lot.  But no details.

43 Minute Tutorial On Using Arduino and 16 |Channel PWM with servo motors – This is dronebot workshop. Very good info.

Servo Mount – Excellent laser cut servo mount for switch machine.

Arduino And Servos

Control Servo From Arduino – Simple single servo control from arduino.

Control Servo From UNO – Very basic.

Servo Motor Workshop – From Dronebot workshop.


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