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Free Scale Model Building Plans

Here are places that you can get some free plans for Dioramas, Models and Scale Model Railroads.

This page contains links where you can get thousands of free plans in all categories. Included are 3d plans that are immediately downloaded. Some of the places listed offer high quality paid products as well.

The plans here are generally designed as cardstock or, in other words, carton modeling.

Video Series On Carton Modeling


This video series will cover all aspects of carton models.  If you would like to be notified when we add a a new tutorial, subscribe to the video channel through one of the videos below.

There are two groupings of plans in this page.

The first group consists of  plans used by most modelers.  The second group consisting of free plans especially for kids are at the bottom of this page.


Cardstock Models
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Under the image to the left is a large collection of fast and easy to build models. This collection is unique in that it contains a large number of simple to build houses.  Other interesting models are of course available.  There is a free plan available. What is free changes each month and people who download this free plan, if they so choose,  are notified when the next plan comes available.



The plans are located at  PolandsBest

My wife owns PolandsBest






Model Builder Share It – Hundreds of plans to download free.

We started modeling using this company’s software.  It is a great system.  You can do a lot with it.

In any case they have a large selection of N scale buildings as well as buildings in HO, OO and O.

I have no relationship with this company other than that of being a customer.






Scale Scenes – This service is nothing short of great. Great graphics work and supplies. And free samples.

If you are going to get into carton modeling, this is a must review site.  It is a treasure trove of information and supplies.

I have no relationship with this company other than that of being a customer.


Clever Models —    Another great company with a great collection, great service and great help.  Be sure to look at it.

I have no relationship with this company other than that of being a customer.


Scale Model Buildings Poland – This collection is focused on buildings in 0ne town.

The plus of this collection is that the models are faithful reproductions of prototypes.  The minus is that you need sketchup to use them.

I have no relationship with Sketchup and use only a 2017 version of the free sketchup.  Don’t know if you can find one anywhere on line.


Free Plans And Projects For Children

Papermau  – An enormous collection of plans.  Mostly for kids but it also has buildings.This place will keep your kids busy.

And here are several fun projects and free plans for kids and children.

Each of the plans is in .pdf format. You need the free adobe reader to open the files.

Click on the link and the file will open on your computer.

You can print it immediately or save it to your computer and print it later.


Single Engine Plane

Single Engine Plane 2

Jet Plane

Small House

Sea Plane


About Building Dioramas

This video series contains a lot more information that may interest you.

















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