Model Builder Plan Making Program Free  Plans

Pictures and free  plans for scale models made and contributed by the model builder community.

There are scale models for all scales.

ModelBuilder is a program that anyone interested in designing their own buildings should really consider.

It is the program with which I started making my own designs.

Their library of architectural pieces from which you can pick and choose and then add to your building is fantastic.

You actually engage in an assembly process using their library of pieces.

Additionally they have a library of completed plans free for your use.  They are plans that have been submitted by people who use model builder.

The plans are categorized by scale.  Of note, there is a nice collection of free n scale models.

Kids can keep very busy with all these models.  They can build them, play on the floor and add them to their own dioramas.

They are also great for use on train layouts.  Some people use them as mockups as they design their layouts only to replace them with their own work.

Because of the size of the collection, we must link you directly to the Model Builder Community.

We have a complete library of plans, that is, by the way, continually updated  Here

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