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Why you should watch the videos in the WorldOfRail Channel.

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If you are interested in retro trains,

Operating narrow gauge train lines,

Making small shelf layouts,

Have limited space for your layout,

Want to control your analog trains digitally from your phone or a tablet for under $25,

Want to add life to your layout using Arduino control with out having to learn to program,

Want to make realistic scenic dioramas,

Want to model without spending much money,

Want to use static grass to make beautiful scenery,

Want to give your kids a chance to run some trains without breaking the bank,

Make some paper models with your kids that they can use for floor play,

Make realistic trees fast and easy,

Learn some soldering techniques that save you money and make life easy,

Make your own static grass applicator,

And see a lot of off-the-wall, most of the time useless, but sometimes you just what you need information,

Then this channel is for you.

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