Arduino For Model Railroaders And Diorama Builders Sketch Book Filled With Projects

This is the Free Arduino sketchbook created to help you use Arduino.  It contains A collection of  ready made Arduino projects and tutorials that you can use to animate your model railroad or diorama without having to learn how to code. All that you have to do is load the programs onto your circuit boards.

If you need the circuit boards as well, you can find them at this link.

But to be complete, we have included other reference material that will help you with program loading, using and, if you will, modifying the programs.


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Regardless of you skill level, we recommend strongly that you get a copy of what is a highly regarded book on Arduino programing.  You can get it here.









In each project there are wiring diagrams and videos showing how the program works.

First we present the videos.  At the bottom are projects that will be put to video and the codes supporting these videos.

The projects are laid out so that a beginner can easily use Arduino on a train layout or diorama. Experts will also find them useful.

arduino uno
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There are two sections to this page.  The first lists the most popular among visitors to our web site.

The second contains more basic programs and reference materials.

Most Popular Arduino Projects For Dioramas And Model Railroads

Basic Arduino Lessons – This is a well recommended printable booklet that takes you from ground zero to being Arduino conversant.

How To Program Arduino Nano – I put this one up top because it is something that you have to do with every program.

Arduino Multi-Track Level Crossing With Four Gates Flashing Lights And Alarm Bells  –

Model Railroad Level Crossing With Flashing Lights And Warning Bells But No Gates

How To Install An IR Sensor Under Track – Shows you how to install the sensors without a lot of work under the layout and, at the same time, in a way that they are not easily notice.

Arduino 4 Traffic Lights With Or Without Pedestrian Warning Signals – This is set up for a 4 way intersection   We show you how to use only those parts that you want.

Arduino DIY Turnout Motor With Indicator Lights On Each Leg   – An all purpose sketch for turnout control.  You need not have the indicator lights.  We show you how to eliminate them.

Turn Building Lights On And Off NeoPixels – Best to use to control lights in a town.  Can also be used for a building.

Easy Sound Actuated Thunder And Lightning – A mp4 player broadcasts thunder sounds.  The LEDs flash when the sounds reach a predetermined level.

Thunder And Lightning Effect –  This is an upscale sound actuated thunder and lightning effect that uses three Pixel strips each of which blinks randomly.



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