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Comprenshive Tips. Hints And Techniques For Budget Minded Diorama Maker, Model Train Enthusiast And Wargammer

Complete information about Arduino control circuits for the model railroader.

Arduino Projects – Superbly organized sketches and tutorials for the beginner and expert alike. This is our must visit page. Read this first.


Additional Interesting Arduino Information.

Running Small Layout With Uno

Local  Nodes

Adding Signals

Running Lots Of Turnouts –  The only code that changes from sketch in Running Small Layout With Uno is servo movement. Everything else stays the same.

PCA9685 Project with scripts and fritzing diagram

Level Crossing – By Beunza Lights, gates, delay

DC control with jmri –  Full details

Control 16 servos with pca 9685 –  many scripts

Polish Arduino Supplier – Get products here.

Digital DC Control – Free ap.  The supporting channel goes through a lot of supporting information.  Some of the best information.

DC Control Using Arduino  – Simple approach to DC control.

Tom’s Trains Arduino  –  A whole series of tutorials.

Tom’s Trains Projects – Arduino applied to larger projects.

Introduction To Arduino Made Easy

Arduino Made Easy 1 – Basic Flasher Circuit.

Lesson Two  Serial Communications

Lesson Three – Reading Inputs With Serial Communication

Lesson 4 – if for And while Statements

Lesson 5 – Ambient light sensors

Lesson 6 – Operating grade crossing lights  You must do lesson five to be able to do this.

PCA9685  –  How to control multiple servos.


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