Brass Etching Inkscape Tutorials

A collection of tutorials that are useful for those interested in brass etching and making the photoplates.

Rotate Object Around Circle

Long Lesson – This is a 2 hour plus lesson that shows how to. At 1:38:48 there is a good section on tracing images.

Make Donut – Good info on nodes and stroke and a lot more.

How To Remove Background- Also setting print page size

Trace An Image –  Very detailed

Draw Cat – Drawing With Bezier Tool


This series is more of a review of the tools. It is no doubt good.

Video 1 – Covers the tools and setting up the inkscape workspace

Video 2

Video 3 – Layers, Tweeks,   Fill And Strokes (12:42),   Gradients (15:03) , Bezier Curve (19:42) , Pathfinder (21:00)

Video 4 – Bezier in depth , Nodes,  (10:25) Path Effects Construct Grid (21:17), Ruler (26:19)

Video 5 –

Video 6 –

Drawing A Floor Plan

How To Trace A Bitmap – Excellent and simple introduction. Inkscape is a Vector Graphics program which allows you to create infinitely zoomable images using paths. Programs like PhotoShop or GIMP are Raster Graphic (also called bitmap) programs which create images using pixels (colored dots on the screen). The main advantage to Vectors over Bitmaps is that they can be zoomed without loosing quality.

Image To Vector


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