How To Make Brass I Beams

A tutorial showing how to make brass I beams.

The first step in making brass I-beams is to get the brass web and flanges cut or sheared in the proper size.

This video shows the process shearing the web and flanges from .3 mm sheet brass.

If you wish, you can buy precut pieces of brass to use. But being a scratch builder I make my own.

YouTube video

Now here is the process itself.

In this video I use a small regulated soldering iron. I prefer to use an unregulated soldering iron with a large head because I can transfer heat faster and make a better weld very quickly.

I used the brass beams that I make to make overhead cranes, loads for my flat cars, gantry cranes and anything else that will use an I-beam.

Please note that the overhead crane that you see in this video is unfinished. I still must add the winch motor and chain and paint it.

YouTube video
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