How To Shear Brass

A tutorial on shearing brass and nickle silver.

The video below shows how to accomplish these specific steps.

How To Shear Brass

  • Prepare Breaker Bars
  • Color Edge Of Brass Sheet Black With Felt Tip Pen
  • Set Dividers To Desired Width Of Sheared Piece
  • Using Dividers, Score Line In Black
  • Deep Score Along Line With Scoring Tool
  • Set Sheet In Breaker Bars And Flex Until It Fatigue Cracks


YouTube video

Using this technique we are able to shear brass strips from .1 mm brass sheet into 3 mm ho scale wide pieces.

Thicker materials, being more difficult to fatigue crack in breaker bars, have a wider ho scale minimum width.  Be sure to watch our videos on working brass in our YouTube Channel

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