How To Solder Brass

How To Solder Brass

Soldering Photo Etched Parts


All about soldering small parts for scale models and making ho scale brass parts and accessories.

The information in this page is slanted towards making scale model railroad equipment – engines, cars and accessories.

Before you get in to the many videos that have excellent information, there are some basic ideas that I think are quite important to discuss.

First you should look at the solder that you should have on hand. You should have solder with melting points of 140°C, 180°C. And 240°C. Additionally, a good taste solder will come in handy as you see in the videos.

The 180° solder will probably the most used with the hundred and 40° solder used when you have to make a joint and do not want to destroy another joint nearby.

Some modelers use the 240° solder only, but use a special flux called space-based space. It is made in Poland and is very popular among Polish brass model makers. More information about that is at this link.

Your choice of soldering liens is pretty much all over the lot. People on the production lines in Chinese brass engine manufacturing plants often used their own homemade soldering irons. They almost look like clubs. They have a high heat capacity and transfer heat very quickly. Joints are smooth and solid.

Western model makers recommend all sorts of soldering irons. Watch the videos to determine your preference. My preference is an old-fashioned electrical unit with a large paid type tip which transfers the heat quickly.

The first videos in this page show very specifically what to do to make the best joints quickly and easily. The first is particularly important in its demonstration of the use of soldering paste.

Use The Right Solder –  Common electrical solder is not good for detailed work.  This shows you what to use.  And buy it at this link.

Soldering Paste – A German supplier of soldering paste and other materials.

And here are some videos showing soldering techniques.

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