Photo Etching

About photo etching for scale model railroads.

 PPD LTD      Excellent photo etching for rail and architecture

There is no need to use dangerous chemicals to etch PCB’s. You can use mono-sodium glutamate (food seasoning) bought from the supermarket. It requires oxygen from the air to work so the bubble tank thing would be very good. You could add hydrogen peroxide (sometimes sold as color safe clothing bleach) to hurry the process along.
Very safe and you can buy those things nearly anywhere.



CapeFearPress Dry Film Supplier – Puretch film.    Has excellent etching demos.

4D Model Shop   Complete service.

List Of US Etching Companies

Etching Design Service – Complete design.  Large quantities.

How To Etch At Home – An excellent tutorial  But the process of developing the photo resist can be time consuming.  Be sure to read the technical data here for how to use the positive 20.

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