Laser Cutting Services

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A listing of laser cutting services including online, on demand 3d printing.

And here is information about starting your own laser cutting business.

If you are concerned about programming for a laser cutter, go to Laser Cutting Programs

Here are the videos on starting a business.

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Ponoko – Same day laser cutting

Sculpteo – Laser cutting and 3D printing on demand.  US, UK, Germany, France

Monroe Models US


Laser Cutting and Engraving

We offer you the services of engraving and laser cutting Co2. Laser technology provides precision machining of various materials, provides 100% repeatability of shapes, allows even the most daring concept. Our machine has a working area of 900mm x 600mm + extra table through. Power 60W plotter.

I cut out of these materials: plexi, paper, carton, plywood

Prices for services are set individually, based on materials provided. Supports CDR (version 14), DXF or PDF. For further information please e-mali

York Model Making Laser Cutting Services

Blueprint Model – A creative laser cutting service

Model Shop  –  Laser cutting and an odd selection of models

SendCutSend – One off laser cutting of parts.

Oshcut – Metal Laser Cutting




Laser Library

The following links provide targeted information about lasers in modeling. Each page will open in a new tab so that you do not lose this page. We continually update this library with new information, so bookmark the page so that you can conveniently return to it.

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