Scale Card Models

A collection of scale card models. All models are scaleable to 00, ho, tt, n gauges.

Tools you need: scissors, a straight edge and a scribing tool (scribe, nail, empty ballpoint pen, pin from dividers )

Easy to build – Takes about 20 minutes to assemble a model.

Low Cost – Starting from .75 USD per model.

Detailed windows with curtains, flowers and more.  Doors and shutters are adapted from prototypes.

Come in .pdf format or printed on 180 gsm paper for immediate assembly.

Used in modeling lessons for groups of kids 8 years old and up.  See Models For Kids

Plan 1  Small Brick House –

Plan 2 Brick House –

Plan 3 Wood Farm House –

Plan 4 Large Brick House –

Plan 5 Wood House –

Plan 6 Small Brick House –

Plan 7 Wood House –



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