Scale Model Suppliers

Scale Model Suppliers

Information about model shops and suppliers in the European Union countries.

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Ho Scale Buildings – Easy and fast to build with free samples.

Scale Scenes – Great graphics work and supplies. And free samples.

Antics – Has a particularly good selection of different things. A large collection of laser cut models. Kotebi

LokoMotyw– Hoe models the facebook page

Scale Model Plans – This site sells plans for model buildings but also has a bunch of tutorials for model railroads as well.

Ro-Bud– Borowiec

Heki – German Cardboard Models

Heritage Models

Superquick Model Kits – Nice line of low relief and specialty buildings

Freestone Model Accessories – A UK distributor for several companies.

Model Buildings Org49 Easy to make background buildings . Excellent construction guide.

Faller Complete information and suppliers for the modeler.

Coal Mine

Coal Mine Headgear

For The Little Ones

Model Of T3

Model Of Engine


Model Train Drawings

Swiat Modeli

Excellent selection of everything for the modeler. In Polish.

Clever Models– A great collection of models and freebees

Tillig Cars


Laser Cut Models and other carton models – Big selection.  Here is a link to the HO Scale Section.

Clever Models


World War 2 Airfield Models


All free models

Elvis Model
Travel Trailers

Sugar Cane Factories

Excellent free cardstock models


UMF – A manufacturer of high quality engines and cars.

Modelle-AD9BIS – Internet Model Shop

Kluba – Polsih manufacturer of signals, etc.

Caboose Industries Ground Throws

Kibri – Model manufacturer

MBR Model Trees Handmade and high quality trees of specific types.

Architectural And Prototype Models – US company that will work from photos.

Model Rectifier

Mainline Hobby Structures



Proxxon – tools for the modeler in Poland.

Agentools – General Tool supplier of German made products



Haskel – Does train manufacturing consulting

Schlesienmodelle GmbH– Models and Diorama

Inari – Dioramas and design

Micro Civil Engineering– Make layouts and models for you.


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