Soldering Supplies

Recommended soldering equipment and supplies for the ho scale brass kit user and scratchbuilder.

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Solder And Soldering Paste

Koki Soldering Paste


Generic Solder Paste


BBIEN – Chinese Supplier of low temperature soldering paste

Shenzhen Kawasaki Tin Technology Co. Ltd  –

Aber AF 20


Soldering Irons


WEP Soldering Irons

Soldering Irons

CHF Soldering Station  – Soldering station LD 48

for hobby and professional electronics technicians in the field of electronics, fine electronics, model-building, and much more.

  • electronic, exact temperature selection in steps of 1°C temperature range infinitely adjustable from 150 °C to 420 °C complete including iron support and cleaning sponge operating voltage: primary AC 230 V / 50 Hz, secondary 24 volts for soldering iron large LED display indicating the target and actual value short heating-up time 48 watts / 230 volts


Soldering Helper

Aber Producer Of Soldering Helper

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