Tiny Towns – Also known as cereal boxes in action.

Do you ever ask what can I do to spend some quality time with the kids and keep them busy?

  • Tiny towns are a creative activity and learning experience for kids – boys and girls alike.
  • A quality time activity for grandpas, grandmas, moms, dads and kids.
  • A great group activity for schools, camps, exhibitions, and fairs.
  • They are easy, useful, collectible, long lasting, educational fun.
  • And they cost peanuts. Get once and reuse the templates as many times as you wish.

In short, Tiny Towns is an exciting project for grandparents, parents, teachers at play schools, kindergartens and grade schools.  And of course, kids.

Tiny Towns is a collection of more than 14  templates for houses that can be built on paper, cereal boxes or old file folders.



You build Tiny Towns  the fun way. It can be built as individual houses, creatively assembled towns, Christmas villages, dioramas and as many ways as the kids come up with ideas.









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