WKD Station Model

A model of a WKD station based on information in books published by Bogdan Pokropinski.

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Images scanned from his books.

Drawing of WKD station from page 56, Kolej Jablonska  by Bogdan Pokropinski.

wkd station plan

wkd station front

wkd station back

Pictures of small WKD stations.

Page 14, Kolej Jablonska by Bogdan Pokropinski.

wkd station 1b

Page 14, Kolej Jablonska by Bogdan Pokropinski.

wkd station store

Page 12, Kolej Grojecka by Bogdan Pokropinski.

wkd small station

Page 22, Sochaczewska kolej waskotorowa by Bogdan Pokropinski.

sochaczew small station
A station model, under construction,  based on the plan above.

wkd station model under construction 1

wkd station under construction 2

The walls are beer board   1.5 mm. The edges were beveled and glued with VICOL.

Windows are paper (blok techniczny) glued to the window plan printed on clear foil.

The window paper was cut to size using a razor blade and steel ruler. Edges were colored brown with a felt tip marker. After the windows were completed they were touched up using a brown pastel pencil.

The window plans were made using Sketchup.  The window panes were textured dark gray using sketchup.

The interior walls are painted using a mixture of acrylic burned sienna and white.


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