The main page for DCC++ train control. Included tutorials on setting up DCC++ using arduino  boards.

Links Gregg’s Train Yard – Extensive information

DCC++ – Greggs Train Yard with Hardware

Greggs Trainyard Raspberry Hardware – Access Point Hardware and program.

TrainBoard DCC++ Forum – Go to this forum for help.

dccppsite/home – This is the main page for DCC++

Dcc ++ With Infra Red Remote Controller – How to use a sony TV remote to control your trains.

DCC With Arduino Overview –¬† Discusses system and JMRI.

DCC Base Station – This video demonstrates how to use an Arduino Mega 2560 instead of an Arduino Uno for use as as DCC++ Base Station. The Mega 2560 offers more memory and additional digital I/O pins that help extend the functionality of the Base Station.

DCC++ Interface Demonstration – This is Part 1 of a demo providing a detailed overview of the DCC++ interface. Topics covered include the throttle, customizable decoder function buttons, track power, and current monitoring.

An Arduino DCC++ Base Station – First in a series detailing how to use the Arduino as a DCC++ base station. Topics covered include background and theory of the DCC bi-polar signal, and the need for us to split the production of such a signal into two parts: (1) the production of a precursor DCC *logic* signal, and (2) the conversion of that logic signal into a full bi-polar DCC signal.

DCC++ Throttles – How to make your own throttles.

DCC++ Controller – Download and use on computer with emulator.

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