The main page for DCC++ train control. Included tutorials on setting up DCC++ using arduino  boards.

DCC Help
Clicking On This Image Takes You To The DCC Guide.

There are many resources in this page to help you install DCC and DCC++ including a large video tutorial gallery at the bottom of this page

Using Arduino and raspberry to make your own DCC system on the surface seem very simple. And if you are electronic savvy, setting up DCC is not that difficult.

But if you’re not, it can be a nightmare. And I say that from experience.

What I have tried to do in this page is give you information about DCC controllers, the base station, and operations. And we have added information about using arduino for lights and more in your layout.

It is best to go through the videos below to get an overview of what to do and how to do it.

I went in circles for a very long time trying to set up my base station. And it wasn’t until after I picked all the information about the DCC guide and bought it that I was able to install DCC.  I would encourage you to read the DCC guide.

One important thing I learned from the DCC guide, which may not apply to everyone, was how to run many of my 40 old analog engines on the same layout as I now run my DCC compatible locomotives. Both new and converted.

Imagine the cost of converting 40 locomotives to the DCC compatible. I’m not sure anyone really want to spend that kind of money.

You can also go ahead and buy a commercial controller.

Even if you do that, you’ll soon find out that there’s a lot to setting up blocks and troubleshooting. Shorts are not uncommon and can quickly burn out that controller. One more reason to consider getting the DCC Guide.  DCC guide.

In any case, here is  information that you might find useful.

Links Gregg’s Train Yard – Extensive information

Greggs Trainyard Raspberry Hardware – Access Point Hardware and program.

TrainBoard DCC++ Forum – Go to this forum for help.

DCC++ Throttles – How to make your own throttles.

DCC++ Controller – Download and use on computer with emulator.

Here is a set of videos on installing DCC and DCC++.

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